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Business articles can be extremely useful but there are so many of them so I want to write some and find some specifically for you as the new novicepreneur.

You will be in the early thinking stages so how to be fabulous on Facebook or tweak your Twitter feed will probably not be on your radar just yet and to be frank, you don't want to crowd your mind with too many things or you may suffer overwhelm and then feel you can't move forward.

I suggest as a general rule for reading business articles, just select the ones that are relevant to your stage of the game.

I spent years reading about business and not really getting very far because I was researching but not taking much action.

I don't think stuff about marketing your small business will be much use either, you are far too early in your game, that can come later.

I am thinking more business idea stuff, early stages thinking, perhaps topics such as

Why do you want to start a business? most people don't even give this very important question the credit it deserves)

How to start a business  - it is probably so much easier than you think. More often than not the problem is not money or lack of it, the problem is you and your mindset.

11 things to think about before starting a business - it is not enough to start a business because you hate your job this week, you need to give some thought to a couple of other things. You need to give some thought to what you are thinking about.

To many ideas and you can't pick one? - Emilie Wapnick is a lady I believe you could learn an awful lot from, if you have a problem choosing what it is you want to do.

She has created a course and written a book about the tribe she calls Multi-Potentialites.

People who have many interests and passions and can't just follow conventional advice and choose one.

She is so popular in her topic area, she has been invited to speak at a TED Talk. An honour indeed and social proof she knows what she is talking about.

10 home business ideas - 10 evergreen industries that are booming but there will always be a place for your business. Evergreen business ideas never go out of style.

Service business ideas - if you search online for them, there are so many listed but to shortcut your search time, learn the formula for picking out the ones that suit you best. Just because you can type doesn't mean you have to offer typing services.

Writing a business plan - if you feel it is time, but you prefer the back of a cigarette packet or beer mat option way of doing it, try the modern business plan method, the business model canvas.

Business Article Case Studies

I often chat to people randomly about them coming up with their own business so I though I would just quickly write a business  article about the thought process when they uttered those wonderful words to me that I love, "I would really like to work for myself but I don't know what to do" or "I have an idea I would like to pursue but I don't really know how to get going with it"

And then the conversation starts and we come up with some ideas together, very quickly.

Here are some examples

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