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Too Many Business Ideas And Can't Choose One?

I want to introduce you to Emilie Wapnick who is a very successful career coach.

Her specialism is helping people who have too many business ideas, and they have difficulty choosing one.

This problem of too much choice can then lead to procrastination, or worse, giving up completely.

So she has a great course, plus a new book about how to overcome these perceived problems and use them as your strength.

She can help you create a business using all of the talents and interests and passions you possess.

She is so popular in this topic she has been invited to speak at a TED Talk.

You can't get more Kudos than that!

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Advice From The Best

If you need to seek advice and confirmation of how great you can be, the least you can do is take from some of the most successful people in the world...

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Are you a mumpreneur looking to work from home?

This falls under a franchise idea but the start up cost is relatively small.

I am interested in this company both for what they offer to people who would like to start a small business and also because the business model could be applied to other up trending and popular industries similar to Children's Markets.

It is a great business to start for parents who are retail oriented as it is very community based and the the help on offer for sales and marketing looks brilliant. There is a downloadable prospectus for you to get your teeth into.

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How To Figure Out What You Love

I love James Altucher and read everything he writes. He has this innate ability to cut through nonsense and get to the heart of any life problem with simple observations.

His is really good at writing to motivate and help you move ahead in life and to encourage you to make a living in something worthwhile and not some soul sucking, misery inducing purgatory of a job.

Here is a link to an article he wrote, about how to figure out what you love.

Only 2 steps but succinct and to the point.

Genius, as these things usually are.

If you want to get into reading his stuff I highly recommend his book, Choose Yourself, as a starter.

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11 Things To Consider Before Starting A Business

Ok, so you are thinking of binning your job, you hate that Monday morning feeling, you hate your boss, you are fed up with your co-workers.

Just stop and thinking are you thinking of starting a business for the right reasons. You need to give some thought to what you are thinking...

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Want To Start A Fashion Business From Home?

I spotted these ladies on facebook this morning through a friends feed. I thought I would share it with you because they fall under my favourite category of people who have an idea over lunch then execute it rather than just dreaming about it.

Marie and Charlotte are from near my home city of Sheffield.

They decided over lunch one day they wanted to start a business together in fashion retail.

So rather than fret about the cost of a shop, leases, and all that goes with the set up of a retail unit they decided to paint the attic (loft) white, buy some stock, advertise via Facebook, put some videos on of what they have, invite everyone they know to a launch and then offer clothes between the hours that suit them and create a business.

They launched in September and are doing very well.

I hope they inspire you to do something you have always wanted to do, or chat about endlessly over lunch with your friends.

There has never been a better time to crack on with your business idea.

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Build A Business Not Just A Website

Interesting read from Solobuild it about the differences of companies who can build you a website versus actually helping you build a business.

(Affiliate Disclosure, this page does have an affiliate link in it for SBI but it doesn't cost you a penny.

That said, it is a really useful article because it is important you know the distinction between just building a pretty website and actually paying to build a business.

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3 Steps To Turn What You Know Into Income Workbook

Are you looking for some help to come up with a business idea or have you got one already but want to make sure it is the right one for you?

Does it pass the life test and fit in with who you are and how you want to live?

Download my free workbook and use the exercises to turn what you know into an income.

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Direct From My Airing Cupboard

Well, I thought I would have a go at recording my about me page.

You will find the recording about a third of the way down the page.

I wanted to inject a bit of personality into my website because I don't think you truly get a picture about someone by just reading about what they have to say.

I think hearing them as well helps you form a picture.

I hope it will be a good one!

I will let you be the judge of it and I will be making a future date with my airing the cupboard, the only place I could find without too background noise.

Apologies for any background sounds, my neighbours like to start off their afternoons with a deep bass sound.

I hope it doesn't interfere too much with your listening pleasure.

I have learned how hard recording is, it took me about 20 goes to get to this stage.

I fully appreciate people who can broadcast flawlessly, it is an absolute art but a skill I would like to learn.

I hope you won't be too hard on me, it was my first time....lol!

Just hit the yellow button on the player to start the recording.

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No One Is Too Busy

I thought this was a great video to illustrate the point about time.

We all have 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week.

The problem is not the amount of time, the problem is about prioritising the time you have.

No one will meet their dream partner in their living room, nor will anyone start something great whilst watching TV for hours every day.

No one is too busy, it is just a matter of priorities.

Just ask Richard Branson...

9 Ways To Spot An Opportunity For A New Business

I found this interesting article about 9 ways to spot an opportunity for a new business.

I thought I would share it with you because you might be able to take the process and use it on some ideas you may have had?

Perhaps they may spark your imagination and help you to come up with something you had never thought of before...

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9 Tips How To Start A Business The Easy Way

If you are thinking you want to start a business but feel daunted, I don't think you need to be.

You can start very small, decide if it's right for you and change your mind if you think it isn't.

These days many a small business owner starts by selling via social media or to friends and family and away they go.

Don't kill your desire by fretting over business plans, premises and funding.

Just make something and sell it for the money you are happy with to start with and you are in business...

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How To Start A Travel Business Masterclass

Elyssa went on a trip and fell in love with a man and a city.

Little did she know her love would turn into a full-time business online plus a small hotel too.

And now she is one of the premier websites about the Eternal City of Rome.

She tells you all about her success and how she did it so listen up if you want to start a Travel Business too...

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From Debt To Prosperity Via Camping & Dried Food

Glenn McAllister was 89,000 in debt after a failed business and he had to get himself together, negotiate the debt and go back to a regular J-0-B. He decided he wanted another business online and chose his passion of hiking and instead of getting involved around the gear side, decided it would be a better option to go for food as he liked cooking.

The result was the backpack chef and it makes a really good living for him and his swiss partner.

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Typography & Baking Create A Bold Business

Combine typography with baking and add a touch of sarcastic wit and you can create yourself a whole new line of products.

See what Sarah Brockett from Michigan came up with...

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Webinar For Freelance Writers

Are you interested in learning to write Content & Copy for a living and be free to live life the way you want to?

Join Valerie Young from Changing Course and Katie Yeakle from the America Writers and Artists Institute for an hour of jam-packed learning.

It doesn't cost anything except an hour of your time and it just may change your life.

Times zones listed for your part of the world and Valerie has also provided a brief introduction to the webinar so you know what to expect.

I hope you get something out of it.

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Starting A Business In Your 50's Is Easier Than You Think

Just ask these 4 startups about that one!

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Part Time Work Revolution

People wanting to work part time is becoming more prevalent in society.

It would certainly allow more time to get that business idea of yours off the ground.

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Why Do You Want To Start A Business Anyway?

Simon Sinek delivered a well-known TED Talk about why companies should actually ask themselves why they are in business anyway.

I think the question is important even you are the size of Amazon, a bit more medium-sized or you work at home with just the cat for company.

His key phrase is "people don't buy what you do they buy why you do it", watch this video of his TED Talk and see if you agree with him?

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Want To Write Full Time? 67 Places To Go Look For Work

Many people dream of writing full-time as a career and quite often from a beach or a place of their choosing.

Here is a brilliant list of 67 Places to look for writing jobs online.

And proper jobs, not scam ones where you have to pay for the privilege of giving your email address and hoping something comes of it someday, which is quite often never.

I hope you find it useful.

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Middle Aged & Want To Have a Store Online?

It is great to see the statistics over and over.

More people are starting their own business over the age of 55 than ever before apparently in the United States

Some want to fill the extra time they have on their hands while others want to increase their retirement fund and most just are not ready to give up work and go gardening full time...

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3 Steps To Turn What You Know Into Income, is ready for you to download.

My free guide as a gift to you for subscribing to my upcoming newsletter is ready.

Just pop in your name and email address.

3 Steps To Turn What You Know Into Income is full of useful tips and questions to ask yourself so you can come up with a business idea based on who you are and how you want to live your life.

If you already have a business but want to tweak it to fit more in line with your personality and lifestyle, you will find it useful too.

I hope you enjoy reading it and take action towards your dream life.

Just go to the top right column and sign up and the link to it will be on its way as soon as you confirm your email address.

Remember what Zig Zaglar said:

If you can help people achieve what they want, you can achieve what you want

You can be that person who goes from dreaming to doing.

To your success!

Are You An Aspiring Writer With A Full Time Job?

Meet Jeffrey Elefante, a character creation who first came to life as a healing project and now has been turned into a book with a whole series planned and a new merchandise store.

If you think you can't write a fiction book whilst in a full-time job then think again.

The purpose of this interview was to demonstrate, you just need to believe in yourself and let go of the fear.

You don't have to have it all planned out, you just need to commit to something, move forward incrementally and all of a sudden you have created something worthwhile and other people just may love it too...

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Approaching 35? The New Career Crisis

Are you approaching 35 and getting weary of working for others.

Apparently, it is a "thing" so this article tells us.

Well, at least it is long before midlife so you save yourself 15 years of extra pain and heartache along the way.

It could be life is telling you it is time for a change, so fear not and get that business idea off the ground...

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Want To Really Profit From Your Passion With The Big Corporations?

My coaching trainer Valerie Young published a really useful article on her blog.

It is about really profiting from your passion by working with the big corporations.

That may be a dirty word to some but you just might be missing a financial trick by closing your mind to this option

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The Reality Of Becoming A Digital Nomad

I want to become a digital nomad and I am sure many of you do too.

And it appears it is not just limited to young things heading off with their Macbook and life savings.

I felt this was a timely article because so much of what is written about becoming one, for me seems to be all about how wonderful it is, how easy it is, and completely glosses over the reality of such a radical change in most peoples working lives.

I wonder what you think...?

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Adversity Helped Create A Super Successful Travel Business

If you have ever wanted to start a travel business on line, look no further than the story of Tony & Boo Peel from Zimbabwe.

They live and work in one of the worlds most beautiful places, Victoria Falls.

They had to flee their home country after they lost everything but managed to then create a super successful online travel business a few years later.

If you are looking for inspiration to start a travel business then this is it...

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Are Pets Your Passion?

This lady turned her love of dogs into her business

Entrepreneurship Truth

Don't Ignore What You Think Is Obvious

How you spend your time outside of regular life stuff speaks volumes about you. Don't ignore it.

#followyourpassion #followyourdreams #makethemcometrue #entrepeneurshipgoals

A post shared by Jealous Sweets (@thejealouslife) on


Free Spirit Unleashed Interview shares the life of Cherry Sewell, born in the UK, brought up Africa and resides in Australia and started her life coaching business.

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Over 50 Market

Over 50 Market rated an untapped source of business start up ideas

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Website Name Change & Focus

Just to let you know this website will be changing its name to Novicepreneur.com and there will be more of a focus on small business ideas.

I found people were confused by the word career and assumed it was about finding a new regular job, or cv production and so on.

So with this in mind the focus is definitely about small business ideas and helping you come up with them, sharing case studies of people who have had them and implemented them and more.

I will be in the very near future be putting up a free download for you, a booklet to help you come up with your own ideas.

It runs to 25 plus pages so you have some really actionable content to help you come up with your own ideas.

Following on from this will be a much more details book to take you further and if demand is there I will come up with a course as well.

I will be driven by you the reader, so please, don't be shy, let me know what you would like to see and what you need.

Speak soon ... Jackie x

Event Management Meets Niche Idea

I was having a chat with someone I know due to leave their Civil Service post at age 55 without any clear idea where to go next.

By the end of our visit to the pub they had come up with a plan on a napkin in 5 minutes and a business idea completely suited their personality, based on a trend casually heard about a couple of weeks before.

Sometimes it can be that simple!

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Photography Business With A Difference

If you want to start a photography business you might be interested to know how Saskia Nelson went a different route to the normal niches of weddings and portraits.

She chose a much more current trend of dating photography because it suited her personality and also it was under exploited

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Career Tests

Career tests, I believe are the framework around the canvas of your talents.

There are a few available online, here are my 4 favorites I have found more than useful in the search for meaningful work...

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Travel Business Idea

Sometimes it never occurs to you about something about yourself but other people can see it plain as day.

Tony was an engineer by trade but actually, he would have made a brilliant tour guide.

He might have excelled with a spanner but his natural personality and local travel knowledge was a treasure trove waiting to be exploited

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A Tale of Two Bakers

The trouble with fear is either it propels you forward or stops you in your tracks and kills any momentum.

I coincidentally met two people on the same floor, whilst on a temporary assignment. Both had the same dream there were two very different outcomes...

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BBQ Bob Business Breakthrough

Sometimes you need a bit of lateral thinking about an idea before dismissing it out of hand as either too hard, too complicated or impossible.

Here is an article about a chat I had with a colleague in work, who thought his catering idea was madness in January

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Resources Page

Apologies if you have seen this before on my about me page but I have added this page to share any useful resources with my readers.

Ones I will be using as the site develops.

For now, I only have the one, which is related to SBI, the programme I am using to build this site, and I don't actually need to go anywhere else to use any other products.

Everything so far is included in the very reasonable package price I pay monthly for.

I am so passionate about how good it is I have written a bit more about it on this separate page.

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Tanks A Lot - Ex MilitaryTank Rental

Could you imagine buying a tank and then making over 13 different income streams from it?

Well neither could I, but this is what Nick did.

He had the added asset of having farmland, so what would you do to create income?

Rent it out of course...!

Once you get the formula right, you just keep repeating it, adding new streams until they are successful...

Continue reading "Tanks A Lot - Ex MilitaryTank Rental"

Prison Consultant - An Industry Designed For The Modern Billionaire

Short on ideas for your next career move. How about serving the world's wealthy population.

This industry was created by ex-cons who realised there was a market for their knowledge of the federal prison system.

And who better to serve than the worlds wealthiest people, some of who, have got themselves into a tight spot.

Continue reading "Prison Consultant - An Industry Designed For The Modern Billionaire"

Rent A Ruminant

Rent a Ruminant is a Washington State USA unique business idea with very green credentials and a unique franchise opportunity

Continue reading "Rent A Ruminant"

I Do Now I Don't

I Do Now I Don't is a brilliant simply business idea from a guy who was engaged then he wasn't. What do you do with the ring?

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Flirty Aprons

Flirty Aprons are not just something to cover you up when cooking, they are a fashion accessory anyone would love to wear in the kitchen or at the BBQ

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Are You Looking To Start A Coaching Practice?

If you are looking so start a coaching practice you may find some inspiration from Cherry.

She started her practice and followed along the path, but decided after heading that way for a while she needed to alter her course a bit.

She wasn't frightened to change horses halfway through the race to move towards a more authentic niche that felt more like "her".

She believes in looking inside rather than outside for what it is you want to do with your life and business and has found having her own coach really helped her take giant steps rather than baby ones.

And she started on a shoestring...

Continue reading "Are You Looking To Start A Coaching Practice?"

Small Business Ideas: Over 50 Market

I caught sight of a tiny article recently that made me think of you.

My attention was drawn to my own demographic, the over 50 market.

It is noticeably underserved and ready for someone like you to offer a product or service specifically tailored for the age group.

It appears we are completely invisible to marketers who haven't yet cottoned on to a tech savvy, very enterprising yet commercially ignored sector of society.

Perhaps this market is an area you had not thought about but might be drawn to.

What do you think?...

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Veteran David Gibson & His Small Business Idea - Goldvu Video Podcast

A while back I published an interview with David Gibson of Goldvu. A company that helps you invest and become your own central bank.

Below is a video podcast of David, I thought you might like to watch it and gain a little more insight to how he arrived at his own small business idea.

Initially, he was unexpectedly "medially retired" from the British Army but adversity turned into a positive outcome for him and he now happily resides in Cyprus in the Mediterranean following his online/offline business dream...


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Hobbyist Homebrewer?

Winning homebrew gave Bobby Don Johnson his inspiration for his small business idea. He was a trained oil man, who went on to train in finance but then the recession hit.

He headed back to the oilfields but with one eye looking for an exit from the business, and after ultimately being laid off, he decided to turn to his down time hobby into an online business. He felt qualified to go for it after winning awards for his American Barley Wine

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