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Mumpreneur Summit End of January 2018

If you are a potential mumpreneur, Sophie Segal from Mindset Shift Summit is holding an event at the end of January with 25 special guests who have started their own business or created a career with flexibility.

Aimed squarely at parents and in particular mothers who want to work be proactive in their careers, change jobs or just have more control over their working life.

The event runs from 30 January to 2nd February.

You can access for free all the events as they happen and for a couple of days afterwards.

For £79.00 if you purchase a pass at the beginning you have access for ever.

You do get quite a lot for your money so may consider it a good investment in YOU!

Especially as you don't have to leave the house.

Enjoy...she has a nice warm introduction video to explain everything

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Small Business Idea Generator eCourse

Welcome to my Small Business Idea Generator eCourse, or in other words, 3 Steps to Turn What You Know Into Income.

5 emails over the course of a couple of weeks designed to help you as an intelligent, articulate and talented soul start thinking outside of the standard job box and come up with a business that frankly, lights you up and makes you want to actually get up in the morning.

By the end of the steps you will be able to come up with your own small business idea either full time or part time using our gifts and talents and more in tune with who you are.

You know, it's really all about the questions you ask yourself, and the honest answers you give back...

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Work From Home Summit End Of January 2018

If you have always dreamed of working from home in your pajamas, you might be interested in the Work From Home Summit from the workathomeschool.com

From January 29th to February 3rd, there are online lectures all during the working day from experts in their field who all work from home.

Topics about mindset, overcoming money blocks, and goal-setting.

You also get to hear from experts in several different industries.

There are talks about health and nutrition, business planning, marketing plus to be honest too many to mention topics here.

The classes are all set out in detail on the website.

Have a look for yourself, book yourself a ticket and some time to actually sit down and listen (the classes are all recorded but only available for a very short time),

Buy yourself a new notebook and pen and bring a great attitude and you will be set....

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Jewellry Business Podcast Episode

A great interview from the Natwest Bank series "women in business.

A great interview with very practical advice for creative business ideas.

In this business, hear how a mumpreneur started a menswear jewellery business whilst pregnant, and how it has grown and developed over the last 5 years called Alice Made This.

Alice Made This by Alice Walsh has become a leading brand and she exports to several countries.

She manufactures her product here in Britain, in a Hatton Garden factory in London.

A world renowned location in the city for Jewellery creation.

She has already done very well, and is thinking of expanding into women's wear as well.

In this interview she talks of the highs and lows of a business that came about because her husband couldn't find decent cuff links.

She goes on to talk about running a business with a family, being a creative and struggling with the "business side" of things and her plans for the future.

She is in attendance with her bank manager from Nat West Bank who are a leading light for funding women in business in the UK.

There are lots of elements I think anyone who wants to start a creative business and export goods/start in retail/have a family/build their own business/borrow money would find really interesting.

Chock full of useful advice...

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Think You Are Too Old To Create A Business? You Haven't Seen Grandma Potty Mouth!

Caution advised if you don't like swearing.

Seriously, I nearly spat my coffee out this morning watching this lady.

Grandma Pottymouth has morphed into a brand all of it's own...

She has nearly a quarter of a million followers on YouTube and nearly half a million followers on Facebook.

She does a bit of baking here and there nothing too difficult, and passes comment on life in general.

Usually with a sack load of expletives, which is quite unexpected from this angelic looking lady.

So if you think you have no skills or talent, or are too old, believe me none of that is true.

You can make a business out of anything and make money.

You just have to believe you can...

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018.

As the year draws to a close, I would like to wish you all a very happy new year. I hope you make 2018 your year of action to go forward with your dreams of designing your own job and creating life on your own terms.

If you build your dream with your life in mind first and your work supports it you cannot go wrong.

I have just been thinking, are you going to make new year resolutions this year?

I want you to actually consider not making any at all for a change this New Years Eve...

I think we give ourselves a mountain to climb around the whole resolution thing, then we get upset when we have failed by the end of next week and then we easily give up on the other 51 weeks of the year, get annoyed and feel we have to wait until next December to get back on the horse.

General resolutions allow us to be far too easily sabotaged.

I like to use a different approach.

I prefer the idea of giving a year a theme instead.

Pick a word to describe what goals you want to achieve, both personally and professionally.

Put a big note everywhere of the word, have it pop up on your phone, paste it on your monitor at work, stick it to the fridge door, put it in your car.

It will remind you what you decided you wanted your year to be about.

If you find yourself off course, it will mentally bring you back to your theme in an instant and you can adjust yourself back towards your destination.

Taking my own medicine, my theme for the year is communication.

I intend to communicate more, with the people that matter and to reach the people who have yet to find me.

I am learning more and more people want to be in charge of their lives and I believe I can shine a light on the path towards it so I have to communicate it further and faster than before.

Having a word helps you crystallise your thinking and narrows your options a bit more.

It becomes so much easier to decide what step to take next.

Isn't that a better option than kicking yourself for falling at the first fence?

Try it, and if you really struggle, you can have more than one word.

I will leave you with a quote from Ellen Goodman

"We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives...not looking for flaws, but for potential." - Ellen Goodman

The very best to you and yours for 2018 and to looking for your potential, not your flaws.

Jackie xx

Writing A Business Plan

Ok, be honest, you are putting off writing that business plan aren't you?

It seems daunting, to difficult and you are not ready yet. Well, the truth is you never will be you know.

In fact you might be thinking why do you need a plan at all?

Well,I get that and I am an advocate of the back of a cigarette packet model of writing a business plan.

So, are you aware of the modern business plan tool called the Business Model Canvas.

I outlined it and you can go to the website of the person who came up with the idea.

His passion is to make life a simple as possible for entrepreneurs.

I hope you think it makes sense!

Most of all though, I hope you use the idea and get on with your business plan for the new year.

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Random Gifts Store Makes $3.1 million dollars

I am fascinated by other peoples business ideas and this one really caught my eye because of the simple nature of it and how much money they seemed to have made from the idea.

The shop is called the Something Store and the premise is you send in $10.00 and a gift will be sent but you have no idea what it is going to be.

To date they have shipped over 300,000 gifts across the United States (free shipping included) and world wide.

So if you do the maths you can see the financial potential.

What I take from this example is, there appears to be a market for almost anything.

The gifts market is huge so there is scope for the unusual and I would suggest the more unusual the better.

If you are one of those people that would love a gift store, and don't want to be tied to anything in particular but be just a bit unusual, perhaps this random gifts store might offer you inspiration because they are clearly successful.

They offer intrique and their magic is in their mystery.

You don't know if you or the recipient are going to get a box of chocolates or a clock that goes backwards.

A unique business idea and I love it.

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Do You Want To Work In Dog Training?

People who are looking for pet business ideas may be interested in this one.

Sharon Bolt from the UK has been at the forefront of professional dog training.

She is a regular go to expert on the BBC and other networks for her topic.

She has kindly provided a guidebook for people who dream of becoming a professional dog trainer and would like to work with dogs for a living.

Most people have times in their lives when they think ‘There must be more to life than this.’

It’s certainly been Sharon’s experience in the past when she used to commute daily in hot, stuffy and packed out trains.

Then it all changed.

During the book Sharon explains:

What she did and what actually happened – it’s definitely not the way people ‘normally’ do things.The 3 areas that she has discovered to be essential elements to running a successful dog training business.

She offers something extra in her book that others writing about the subject don't

We haven’t heard any other dog trainers talk about these 3 vital areas before which is a shame because missing any one of these parts often ends in failure.

I hope you find Sharon's book helpful if you are searching for your pet business idea...let me know what you think

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Connect The Dots

My work is about helping people connect their dots.

Helping them tease out the true essence of who they are and how they want to live their life and help either to come up with a business idea or flesh out one they have been kicking around in their head for ever.

Steve Jobs offers some great advice about connecting the dots, you can't see them looking forward but you can if you turn and look back...in other words, "it was there all the time"

Powerful stuff

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Service Business Ideas

Service business ideas are the quickest sort of business to get started with.

Now, if you search for this term on the internet you are faced with a wave of them.

I thought I would provide a little formula for you to use so you can decide more quickly if an idea would work or not.

One you have worked out how you want your life to be you can then look at what resources you have available and see what you can offer others in exchange for money.

The point being, just because you can type doesn't mean you have automatically offer that skill as a service, you decide to go a different route.

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Business From Beer Bottle Caps

Talking of beer, how clever is this idea?

Beer Cap Maps!

Jasper son of Co-founder Jessie like to collect bottle tops from beer.

An innocent hobby and something young boys do, and his parents didn't discourage him, so over time he built up quite a collection.

One day he asked his dad what he should do with the beer bottle tops, his mom had kept them in a Ziploc bag.

Dad with his engineer brain and laser cutter at work designed a map of the state with holes just the size of the bottle tops so he could put them in and display on the bedroom wall.

Along came Jessie's work mate who saw the creation and his brain went ping and a unique business idea was born.He could see people buying the maps.

With international maps and other products available Beer Cap Maps is literally on the map for success now.

Simple and genius, sometimes a business idea is often right under your nose.

Their local TV station made a documentary about them and the idea from Jasper and success followed.

It is a great example of how to create a business out of nothing except a bit of creative thinking to solve a small problem.

In this case, "Mom, what can I do with these bottle tops?"

This answers one of the immutable laws of having a successful business, "What problem can I solve"

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Beer For Dogs

I know I have mentioned it before and will do so again, the pet market as a trend and a growth industry just keeps on suprising me.

Just when I thought I had seen it all, I see something new.

Beer for Dogs. Whatever next?

Home to herbal teas, tonics and treats, what a fun business.

I love this British company Woof & Brew who have come up with some excellent and unique business ideas for dogs, but not only that, you can buy wine and Prosseco for your pets to serve over their dinner. You can also buy a product to help their digestion so you don't get that nasty doggy bottom whiff right after dinner just as you are settling down for the evening.

I hope they inspire you? I don't even have a dog and I want to buy something...

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10 Home Business Ideas

A lot of people are searching for their business idea with this term so I thought I would add a page to the mix.

I am not sure why people would expect to find their dream business idea this way, after all there are so many things to consider such as lifestyle and what you are good at and what you like to do.

So I have looked at more evergreen areas of life rather than specific business ideas.

I hope you can find something useful from it.

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Would A Career Test Help?

Are you wondering why you are struggling in your day job and want to leave it to start your own thing?

Do you ever wonder what your Life Purpose is?

Do you want to know what your thing actually is?

Well I highly recommend a spot of personality testing.

I was amazed at the information I found out about myself when I took this particular test and it became very clear to me why I have never felt as thought I fitted into the everyday work world.

My personality INFJ, is not designed for the corporate life.

I need meaning and purpose and touchy feeley in my world and my calling among other things was career counselling and helping people find their place in the world.

I found out my role in life is to be a catalyst for others.

I tell you this because sometimes YOU know what you feel but sometimes it can be difficult to articulate it, and often when written in black and white you really get that aha moment and put a name to whatever "It" is.

I loved 16 Personalities because you can do a comprehensive free career test then buy a more detailed one if you feel it is the right fit and you want to know more. You get more than 120 plus pages of detail.

So if you are struggling with finding your fit in the world for your business idea or you kind of know where you want to be but want to hone it a bit more, give 16 Personalities a whirl.

You just might find the missing piece of information you have been looking for.

Plus it is a great way to start 2018 and your new entrepreneurial journey, armed with lots of useful insights you can use to plan your best business.

Let me know if you find it useful...

*not an affiliate link

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Too Many Business Ideas And Can't Choose One?

I want to introduce you to Emilie Wapnick who is a very successful career coach.

Her specialism is helping people who have too many business ideas, and they have difficulty choosing one.

This problem of too much choice can then lead to procrastination, or worse, giving up completely.

So she has a great course, plus a new book about how to overcome these perceived problems and use them as your strength.

She can help you create a business using all of the talents and interests and passions you possess.

She is so popular in this topic she has been invited to speak at a TED Talk.

You can't get more Kudos than that!

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Advice From The Best

If you need to seek advice and confirmation of how great you can be, the least you can do is take from some of the most successful people in the world...

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Are you a mumpreneur looking to work from home?

This falls under a franchise idea but the start up cost is relatively small.

I am interested in this company both for what they offer to people who would like to start a small business and also because the business model could be applied to other up trending and popular industries similar to Children's Markets.

It is a great business to start for parents who are retail oriented as it is very community based and the the help on offer for sales and marketing looks brilliant. There is a downloadable prospectus for you to get your teeth into.

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How To Figure Out What You Love

I love James Altucher and read everything he writes. He has this innate ability to cut through nonsense and get to the heart of any life problem with simple observations.

His is really good at writing to motivate and help you move ahead in life and to encourage you to make a living in something worthwhile and not some soul sucking, misery inducing purgatory of a job.

Here is a link to an article he wrote, about how to figure out what you love.

Only 2 steps but succinct and to the point.

Genius, as these things usually are.

If you want to get into reading his stuff I highly recommend his book, Choose Yourself, as a starter.

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11 Things To Consider Before Starting A Business

Ok, so you are thinking of binning your job, you hate that Monday morning feeling, you hate your boss, you are fed up with your co-workers.

Just stop and thinking are you thinking of starting a business for the right reasons. You need to give some thought to what you are thinking...

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Want To Start A Fashion Business From Home?

I spotted these ladies on facebook this morning through a friends feed. I thought I would share it with you because they fall under my favourite category of people who have an idea over lunch then execute it rather than just dreaming about it.

Marie and Charlotte are from near my home city of Sheffield.

They decided over lunch one day they wanted to start a business together in fashion retail.

So rather than fret about the cost of a shop, leases, and all that goes with the set up of a retail unit they decided to paint the attic (loft) white, buy some stock, advertise via Facebook, put some videos on of what they have, invite everyone they know to a launch and then offer clothes between the hours that suit them and create a business.

They launched in September and are doing very well.

I hope they inspire you to do something you have always wanted to do, or chat about endlessly over lunch with your friends.

There has never been a better time to crack on with your business idea.

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Build A Business Not Just A Website

Interesting read from Solobuild it about the differences of companies who can build you a website versus actually helping you build a business.

(Affiliate Disclosure, this page does have an affiliate link in it for SBI but it doesn't cost you a penny.

That said, it is a really useful article because it is important you know the distinction between just building a pretty website and actually paying to build a business.

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No One Is Too Busy

I thought this was a great video to illustrate the point about time.

We all have 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week.

The problem is not the amount of time, the problem is about prioritising the time you have.

No one will meet their dream partner in their living room, nor will anyone start something great whilst watching TV for hours every day.

No one is too busy, it is just a matter of priorities.

Just ask Richard Branson...

9 Ways To Spot An Opportunity For A New Business

I found this interesting article about 9 ways to spot an opportunity for a new business.

I thought I would share it with you because you might be able to take the process and use it on some ideas you may have had?

Perhaps they may spark your imagination and help you to come up with something you had never thought of before...

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9 Tips How To Start A Business The Easy Way

If you are thinking you want to start a business but feel daunted, I don't think you need to be.

You can start very small, decide if it's right for you and change your mind if you think it isn't.

These days many a small business owner starts by selling via social media or to friends and family and away they go.

Don't kill your desire by fretting over business plans, premises and funding.

Just make something and sell it for the money you are happy with to start with and you are in business...

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How To Start A Travel Business Masterclass

Elyssa went on a trip and fell in love with a man and a city.

Little did she know her love would turn into a full-time business online plus a small hotel too.

And now she is one of the premier websites about the Eternal City of Rome.

She tells you all about her success and how she did it so listen up if you want to start a Travel Business too...

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From Debt To Prosperity Via Camping & Dried Food

Glenn McAllister was 89,000 in debt after a failed business and he had to get himself together, negotiate the debt and go back to a regular J-0-B. He decided he wanted another business online and chose his passion of hiking and instead of getting involved around the gear side, decided it would be a better option to go for food as he liked cooking.

The result was the backpack chef and it makes a really good living for him and his swiss partner.

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Typography & Baking Create A Bold Business

Combine typography with baking and add a touch of sarcastic wit and you can create yourself a whole new line of products.

See what Sarah Brockett from Michigan came up with...

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Webinar For Freelance Writers

Are you interested in learning to write Content & Copy for a living and be free to live life the way you want to?

Join Valerie Young from Changing Course and Katie Yeakle from the America Writers and Artists Institute for an hour of jam-packed learning.

It doesn't cost anything except an hour of your time and it just may change your life.

Times zones listed for your part of the world and Valerie has also provided a brief introduction to the webinar so you know what to expect.

I hope you get something out of it.

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Starting A Business In Your 50's Is Easier Than You Think

Just ask these 4 startups about that one!

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Part Time Work Revolution

People wanting to work part time is becoming more prevalent in society.

It would certainly allow more time to get that business idea of yours off the ground.

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Why Do You Want To Start A Business Anyway?

Simon Sinek delivered a well-known TED Talk about why companies should actually ask themselves why they are in business anyway.

I think the question is important even you are the size of Amazon, a bit more medium-sized or you work at home with just the cat for company.

His key phrase is "people don't buy what you do they buy why you do it", watch this video of his TED Talk and see if you agree with him?

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Want To Write Full Time? 67 Places To Go Look For Work

Many people dream of writing full-time as a career and quite often from a beach or a place of their choosing.

Here is a brilliant list of 67 Places to look for writing jobs online.

And proper jobs, not scam ones where you have to pay for the privilege of giving your email address and hoping something comes of it someday, which is quite often never.

I hope you find it useful.

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Middle Aged & Want To Have a Store Online?

It is great to see the statistics over and over.

More people are starting their own business over the age of 55 than ever before apparently in the United States

Some want to fill the extra time they have on their hands while others want to increase their retirement fund and most just are not ready to give up work and go gardening full time...

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Are You An Aspiring Writer With A Full Time Job?

Meet Jeffrey Elefante, a character creation who first came to life as a healing project and now has been turned into a book with a whole series planned and a new merchandise store.

If you think you can't write a fiction book whilst in a full-time job then think again.

The purpose of this interview was to demonstrate, you just need to believe in yourself and let go of the fear.

You don't have to have it all planned out, you just need to commit to something, move forward incrementally and all of a sudden you have created something worthwhile and other people just may love it too...

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Approaching 35? The New Career Crisis

Are you approaching 35 and getting weary of working for others.

Apparently, it is a "thing" so this article tells us.

Well, at least it is long before midlife so you save yourself 15 years of extra pain and heartache along the way.

It could be life is telling you it is time for a change, so fear not and get that business idea off the ground...

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Want To Really Profit From Your Passion With The Big Corporations?

My coaching trainer Valerie Young published a really useful article on her blog.

It is about really profiting from your passion by working with the big corporations.

That may be a dirty word to some but you just might be missing a financial trick by closing your mind to this option

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The Reality Of Becoming A Digital Nomad

I want to become a digital nomad and I am sure many of you do too.

And it appears it is not just limited to young things heading off with their Macbook and life savings.

I felt this was a timely article because so much of what is written about becoming one, for me seems to be all about how wonderful it is, how easy it is, and completely glosses over the reality of such a radical change in most peoples working lives.

I wonder what you think...?

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Adversity Helped Create A Super Successful Travel Business

If you have ever wanted to start a travel business on line, look no further than the story of Tony & Boo Peel from Zimbabwe.

They live and work in one of the worlds most beautiful places, Victoria Falls.

They had to flee their home country after they lost everything but managed to then create a super successful online travel business a few years later.

If you are looking for inspiration to start a travel business then this is it...

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Are Pets Your Passion?

This lady turned her love of dogs into her business

Entrepreneurship Truth

Don't Ignore What You Think Is Obvious

How you spend your time outside of regular life stuff speaks volumes about you. Don't ignore it.

#followyourpassion #followyourdreams #makethemcometrue #entrepeneurshipgoals

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Free Spirit Unleashed Interview shares the life of Cherry Sewell, born in the UK, brought up Africa and resides in Australia and started her life coaching business.

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Over 50 Market

Over 50 Market rated an untapped source of business start up ideas

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Website Name Change & Focus

Just to let you know this website will be changing its name to Novicepreneur.com and there will be more of a focus on small business ideas.

I found people were confused by the word career and assumed it was about finding a new regular job, or cv production and so on.

So with this in mind the focus is definitely about small business ideas and helping you come up with them, sharing case studies of people who have had them and implemented them and more.

I will be in the very near future be putting up a free download for you, a booklet to help you come up with your own ideas.

It runs to 25 plus pages so you have some really actionable content to help you come up with your own ideas.

Following on from this will be a much more details book to take you further and if demand is there I will come up with a course as well.

I will be driven by you the reader, so please, don't be shy, let me know what you would like to see and what you need.

Speak soon ... Jackie x

Event Management Meets Niche Idea

I was having a chat with someone I know due to leave their Civil Service post at age 55 without any clear idea where to go next.

By the end of our visit to the pub they had come up with a plan on a napkin in 5 minutes and a business idea completely suited their personality, based on a trend casually heard about a couple of weeks before.

Sometimes it can be that simple!

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Photography Business With A Difference

If you want to start a photography business you might be interested to know how Saskia Nelson went a different route to the normal niches of weddings and portraits.

She chose a much more current trend of dating photography because it suited her personality and also it was under exploited

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Career Tests

Career tests, I believe are the framework around the canvas of your talents.

There are a few available online, here are my 4 favorites I have found more than useful in the search for meaningful work...

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Travel Business Idea

Sometimes it never occurs to you about something about yourself but other people can see it plain as day.

Tony was an engineer by trade but actually, he would have made a brilliant tour guide.

He might have excelled with a spanner but his natural personality and local travel knowledge was a treasure trove waiting to be exploited

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